This website provides information on the SGI, the faculty, core areas of research, academic programs and events. ; HSG’s comprehensive way of viewing problems leads to future-oriented and integrative solutions. FindAMasters. The admission test at the University of St.Gallen tests aptitude and not knowledge. Search Postgraduate Masters Degrees at University of St Gallen. Prior to joining the University of St.Gallen Roland Füss was Professor of Finance at the EBS Universität für Wirtschaft und Recht, Germany, where he held the Professorship of Asset Management. Prof. Dr. Roland Füss is Full Professor of Real Estate Finance at the University of St.Gallen and Member of the Board of the Swiss Institute of Banking and Finance s/bf-HSG and of the School of Finance. Only show courses starting in January 2021 12/01/20. The list of University of St. Gallen people includes notable students, graduates, professors, and administrators affiliated with the University of St. Gallen This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness. University of St.Gallen. English-language programmes. The University of St.Gallen (HSG) is launching an online series in close cooperation with the Executive School, lasting several months. University of St.Gallen Institute of Technology Management Dufourstrasse 40a CH-9000 St.Gallen. Intellectual capacity, creativity and the ability to solve problems are crucial. Singapore is the Asia hub of the University of St.Gallen. As a renowned research institution, the University of St.Gallen (HSG) offers an attractive research environment to junior and senior faculty alike. The University of St.Gallen accepts the following as supporting documents for admission to this Ph.D. programme: English as native tongue (= language of instruction at primary and secondary school) Recognised Bachelor's or Master's degree completed in its entirety in English; Our values will underpin your personal future development. Building on the successful series during the corona crisis, concentrated HSG knowledge will be made available free of charge through online further education. HSG promotes a collaborative approach in an open and friendly atmosphere, facilitating a respectful and trustful cooperation between both students and the teaching and administrative staff. University of St.Gallen - School of Management, Economics, Law, Social Sciences, International Affairs and Computer Science Tel +41 71 224 73 00 Fax +41 71 224 73 01 The admission test is divided into five sections: text analysis, quantitative problem-solving, pattern recognition, language systems … It’s the number one business school in German-speaking Europe and a ‘lic.oec.HSG’ degree is definitely a great credential for fresh graduates. We particularly engage in the well-directed development of young talent. The University of St. Gallen (German: Universität St. Gallen) is a research university located in St. Gallen, Switzerland.Established in 1898, it specialises in business administration, economics, law, and international affairs. Academic activities related to Asia are carried out by the St.Gallen Institute, or SGI in short, located in Singapore.