We have an HDMI, we have an additional 3.2 USB port,   we have our network extension port, which also allows you to hook up a mechanical docking system,   and inside there we have one type C port. It’s perfect for setting up a workstation at home and be ready to go with just disconnecting one cable. The battery can be replaced, when it’s at the end of its lifespan, but it cannot be swapped on the fly, like you could do with older bridge-systems. All right, so we just went over some of the ports on the Lenovo ThinkPad T14s AMD processor. That thing is sturdy, matte black (not calling it “space black” seems like a missed opportunity) and feels really great to the touch. Clearly, roughly 30% boost in performance, but it also showed, that the Ryzen PRO 4750U could stretch it’s legs even further, if it was just properly cooled. Our one caveat: The AMD model of this 14-inch business thin-and-light tops out at a 1080p screen. Awesome. When I actually had this guy off the power cord. And unfortunately way above it’s cooling capacities. The RAM is soldered onto the mainboard (but runs in dual channel mode by default). And then it went down, it depends on what I was doing if I open up the settings app, the brightness went up, and then when I closed it the brightness went down. I’d try undervolting the CPU to increase it’s effectiveness and decrease average temps, but unfortunately at the time of writing there is no tool capable of decreasing the CPU voltage on the Ryzen 4000 series mobile processors. We will provide the best service to the customers through this site so that they do not suffer in any way. Expert Review ThinkPad T14S . The feeling of “awe” is something that I lost for tech in the past couple of years, everything got a bit stale. If you don’t use it regularly, get a fast microSD card, put it in and leave it there. This review is based on my personal experience with the machine I bought for personal and business use only. Which means: nothing to write home about, but good enough for video calls. Thanks to the built in microphones, voice is recorded relatively clear, if you want better quality, you need to use a headset anyways. 400 nits are bright enough to work outside, even in bright environments and the matte screen also helps with readability in changing light conditions. Awesome. Yes it performs blazingly fast, but will also throttle hard and run into it’s 105°C thermal limit like a semi truck hitting a brick wall, the moment you put some sustained workload on it. This is just a 14" screen, with full HD resolution you still get plenty of sharpness. And the last test was basically video 10 hours and 16 minutes. To some point. I didn’t have any issues with it. And last but not least we have the beautiful ThinkPad t14s with the AMD processor, weighing around two points 95 pounds with a thickness of zero point 66, inches. That “Fn” and “Ctrl”-key situation can be confusing and annoying for some, if your muscle memory refuses to learn the new positions of the keys. Review: Lenovo ThinkPad T14s AMD Gen 1 "AMD's octo-core chip powers through multi-threaded workloads, delivering up to a 2x performance increase over current Intel Core i7 competitors, and with 16GB of memory and a 512GB M.2 SSD, fast everyday responsiveness is all but guaranteed." The concave “smile-shape” of each key draws your finger into the right position. Here you can see an approximate comparison between the CPUs that can be found in the Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 1 (AMD) models on the market. I consciously chose the 400 nits low power IPS screen, because it has fantastic viewing angles, good enough color accuracy (full sRGB, around 61% Adobe RGB) for occassional or non-color-critical design- and photo-work and no PWM flickering. 720p, everything on “medium”, anti-aliasing off, shadows “low”. You cannot do too much though. As long as the ThinkPad X1 Carbon doesn’t get an AMD option, the T14s is the crowning achievement of this concept. And that was basically having my premiere crash on me and it was frozen, but it was more of a software problem not you know a laptop problem. Nothing else. This thing means business. It really depends on how you get it configured and the highest that you could go to is around $1100 dollars which is a good price. What! It offers tool-like aesthetics and is a pure productivity-machine. Now using this machine for my day-to-day workflow,   especially when I was doing a lot of video editing and doing a lot of rendering Photoshop and all that stuff this machine was able to handle it with no problem. Alright so let’s talk about the performance on the t14s with the AMD processor. This way you can decide for yourself which Lenovo ThinkPad T14 Gen 1 (AMD) model is the best bang for your buck. The T14s (AMD) seems to offer almost 2x the multitasking performance of the T14 (Intel). Lenovo ThinkPad T14s: AMD easily replaces Intel . Yes, this thing throttles hard if it needs to — which is quite often, but at least the fans were very quiet on my unit. I know, benchmarks are not real life workloads but it’s an indication that the cooling solution on the T14 might just work a tad better, as it’s a dual-heatpipe setup. If there’s something else besides toughness and a good keyboard the ThinkPads are known for, then it’s security features. Awesome. Whirlwind FX Element Gaming Keyboard Rev…, Lenovo Legion Y540 RTX 2060 Gaming Lapto…. The bezels could be a bit thinner, like they are on the recent refresh of the E-series. I’m not sure what to use it for yet. I didn’t try this though, as I ultimately decided to return my T14s, more on that in a second. Wow,   it has one socket eight cores, 16 logical processors. When I have to go, I just disconnect one cable and off I am. Processor: Ryzen 7 4750 Pro (7 nm), 8 cores, 16 threads Memory: 32 GB of DDR4 RAM, 3200 MHz, dualchannel (soldered on) Screen: 1920x1080, 16:9, 400 nits, low power IPS Graphics: integrated Radeon Vega 7 graphics Storage: 512 GB NVMe SSD with Opal security features Biometrics: fingerprint reader, Windows Hello IR-camera. Thank you for reading this far and I hope this review was detailed enough for your needs. 1.155 singlecore6.248 multicore12.592 compute (Radeon Vega 7 Graphics). I was holding out, because I knew the new 7 nm Ryzen Renoir silicone would be making it’s way into Lenovos most popular ThinkPad line, the T-series. The Intel T14 has a much higher short-term consumption, but it eventually levels off at just ~17 W. The thinner T14s AMD has slightly lower limits (25/18 W). In the BIOS of the ThinkPad you can allocate a certain amount of RAM to the Vega 7 Graphics chip, as it uses shared RAM with the rest of the processor. At least not because of TDP limitation. It eats through huge PDF files for print and it mostly stays snappy and quick. As long as the ThinkPad X1 Carbon doesn’t get an AMD option, the T14s is the crowning achievement of this concept. Now we just went over the trackpad and the keyboard on the t14s with the AMD processor let’s talk about the display. So I why I just I seriously I did not hear any fan noise when I was testing out this machine. It gets extremely hot when you’re playing that game for long hours. Opal is is a layer of hardware encryption for added security. I really don’t want to be a genital about what exact model of screen it is. Best run I got was 3.001 (once) at an average temperature of 80°C, with heavy throttling and an average CPU frequency of around 2,59 GHz. Also, AMD leaves Intel in the dust, outperforming them by almost x2 in certain situations. This thing, at least my unit, is running really, really hot. Choose the low-power FHD panel for ultimate battery life on your T14s, or go with the FHD wide-angle touchscreen. And that’s about it, but in most cases, you really should be fine without any “dongling”. Video playback using VLC works very good, had no issue playing anything up to 4k 60fps with H264, H265 and even VP9. This really played buttery smooth except the moments where the frames dropped to about 89 FPS when the ThinkPad smashed into it’s 105°C thermal limit. Alright so let’s conclude our view on the Lenovo ThinkPad T14s AMD processor so let’s talk about the pricing now retail starting price for this machine is around $840. And this is the lowest on this particular model, if you go all the way up this is the highest and again,   this is the lowest – cool. Now another odd thing about the t14s was sometimes the display the brightness went up by itself. I’m perfectly fine with how they sound, for such a thin and light machine. An angry/hungry one. And it really depends on what you’re doing on this machine if you’re playing video games. It sits flush and secure in the chassis (in the SIM-tray) and can easily be used as a data-dump for your downloads, music, pictures, or first drafts. Spoiler: This thing is phenomenal in many ways, but one. I did find myself using it on the t14s,   when I was gaming, at the very top of the display we have our 720 HD webcam, with the think shutter. The Ryzen 7 really is a beast. This is a 14” Ultrabook that replaces the T490s/T495s. really everything, that is not a con, left me impressed and satisfied with this machine, especially build quality and the legendary keyboard, even though I can live with the “classic” look of it, I’d enjoy slightly smaller bezels or even a 16:10 aspect ratio, there’s plenty of light leakage around the keys (didn’t mind too much though). On my older Ideapad I was able to shave off about 10°C average temps and tickle out something around 9 to 11% better performance just by undervolting, using the program ThrottleStop. This tiny thing punches way above it’s weight class. The drive I put in there was not recognized by the system. This is my biggest complaint about the T14s and ultimately a huge disappointment. Yes, a fancy Samsung M.2 SSD might be a tad faster, but unless you’re constantly working with large files, shoveling them around on your drive, you won’t notice any difference in real life workloads. It’s a bit like having cats. We’re going to maximize it a little bit going inside the Performance tab, and within the CPU graph, I’m going to right-click on it change the graph to a logical process. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Review Lenovo's ThinkPad range is a bit like a pair of sensible shoes. I did another benchmark just to show you a real world application and how the ThinkPad T14s behaves: I exported a large brochure from InDesign to print-PDF on my Ideapad (Intel i5 Kabylake quadcore, 15W TDP) and took the time and temperature: 53,42 seconds at 73°C max with constant boost on all cores. No nonsense here. That’s going to measure around three-point 98 inches. If you can’t get used to it and often hit the wrong key (for example when copy-pasting something), you can comfortably switch the keys’ function in Lenovo’s Vantage software. The first test was modern office battery life in the last between 10 hours and 41 minutes on the second test, I ran gaming, two hours and 43 minutes it just couldn’t handle gaming at all. I see great read speeds of around 2.800 MB/s and write speeds of about 2.700 MB/s. And last but not least we have our type C port which allows us to hook up our power supply. 720p, everything on “medium”, anti-aliasing off. And oh the wait was worth it — kinda. So on the desktop,   I’m actually going to right-click on the taskbar and we’re going to go into Task Manager. 720p, everything on “low”, anti-aliasing off, 20–40 fps, depending on situation and action.